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Who is Social Search?

Niall and Mary Digital Marketers

Social Search is an Irish owned Digital Marketing Agency, helping to grow small businesses with the power of Digital Marketing.

The owner & Director, Niall Robinson, set up the company in 2014, together with his partner Mary Kehoe.

After four years working at & studying Digital Marketing, Niall realised there was an opportunity to use his skills to help smaller businesses #Win with Digital Marketing. These types of businesses often have little or no marketing budget, but would be willing to spend the money if they were confident it would generate a Return….and that is exactly what Social Search does. Social Search prides itself on designing & implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns at a price that does not make you feel like you have just put the kids college fund “all on Black!”

In an industry that changes more frequently than the Irish weather, and is filled with enough buzz words it would make your head spin, Social Search is trying to bring it back to what really matters….The Customer! Who Is Your Customer? Rather than trying to get a handle of every digital channel that seems to pop up (and probably make a bags of the whole lot!), Social Search suggests finding a select few that will suit Your Customer, and manage them well.

So if you are a small business looking to grow your business with the power of digital marketing, then what are you waiting for? Leave your details & someone will call you back. Of if you are really in a hurry the call now:

(01) 44 33 660.

“Growing Business with Digital Marketing”

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