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Google & Mobile Friendly Websites

Google¬†& Mobile Friendly Websites On the 21st of April Google will release another infamous update to their algorithm in which they will be penalising websites that are not mobile friendly. How do you determine if your website is mobile friendly?…

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DMX Dublin 2015

DMX Dublin: Top 3 Talks

DMX Dublin 11.03.2015 Aviva Stadium The largest Digital Marketing Conference in Ireland There were 30 talks which I have narrowed down to my Top 3 1. Hubspot My favourite talk of the day was presented by Mike Volpe CMO taking…

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Web Design: Goals

Web Design: 5 Critical Success Factors

These are 5 Critical Success Factors¬† to look at when considering Web Design. 1. Goals This is the most important thing to consider when designing a website. A goal might be an online purchase, encourage a phone call or fill…

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What’s So Great About ReMarketing?

What exactly is ReMarketing? How does it work? Should I be using it in my business? Put simply, ReMarketing allows you to show ads to people that have already been on your web site. Why is this so good? Because…

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads – What’s Involved?

What exactly is involved with setting up & running a Facebook Ads Campaign? Is it right for my business? Let’s take a look and break it down into little bite size bits…. Every Facebook Ads campaign is broken down in…

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