DMX Dublin: Top 3 Talks

March 13, 2015

DMX Dublin 11.03.2015 Aviva Stadium

The largest Digital Marketing Conference in Ireland

There were 30 talks which I have narrowed down to my Top 3

1. Hubspot

HubSpot Logo

HubSpot Logo

My favourite talk of the day was presented by Mike Volpe CMO taking about Inbound marketing.

His talk was based on the following:

“don’t interrupt your customer while they are consuming content”

“become the content they want to consume”

Mike talks about creating really good content that people want to read instead of cutting across them advertising while they are watching a video. Be the content they are already looking at because your content is so good that they actively go looking for your blog or video.

Mike also introduced the concept of “Owned V’s Rented Audiences” which refers to media companies who own the audiences for example Google, Facebook Radio & TV. When you advertise with them you are renting the audience, when you stop paying your rent you get kicked out. Hubspot are suggesting to create really good content as a longer term strategy but at the end of it you own the audience.

2. Castrol

Castrol logo

Castrol logo

Adrienne Liebenburg GMD gave her talk which was a similar tone to Hubspot about creating content but was geared more towards B2B. Her main messages were:

  • Content to provide Solutions: Give customers solutions to their problem with the content you create
  • Complaints = Opportunity to Drive Loyalty: Use complaints as opportunity to win loyalty by managing them well
  • Personality Led Communication: Bring your personality into your content. People like to engage with people not robots


3. Google

Google Logo

Google Logo

Cera Ward MMII from Google introduces a new digital framework  “See,Think,Do,Care” which relates back to the infamous marketing funnel where you have “Awareness,Consideration,Purchase,Loyalty”. Its not an entirely new concept but I found it easier to digest and of course Google have the products for us to deliver these messages as every different stage of the funnel. Cera used the analogy of a triathlete who is not going to win the race on one event only but needs to be competent in all events. Similarly you need to be competent in all areas “See,Think,Do & Care” which will drive up your revenue and conversion rates.

Thats my Top 3 Talks from DMX Dublin.


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