Google Shopping is coming to Ireland

Google Shopping is all set to launch in Ireland. The merchants in Ireland can use the beta version to show product ads to their target audience. Currently, the Google Shopping beta is available in four countries including Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, and New Zealand.

If you run an ecommerce store in Ireland, this is perhaps the biggest news of 2016 for you.

The following article will talk more about Google Shopping, its features, how it can impact your ecommerce business, and much more.

Introducing Google Shopping

It is the official shopping platform that merchants use to promote their products in Google Search results. The users can search products and can compare prices easily. These are paid listings where your products will be displayed based on its price, bid, and other factors.

google shopping screenshot

So, if you are selling sports shoes and you are using Google Shopping, when a customer from Ireland will run a search query for ‘sports shoes’, your products from the store will be displayed in the search results.

This eventually increases the Click Through Rate (CTR), conversions, and sales.

Why Ireland?

Google has been using this feature in the US, UK, and several countries since 2002 and it has helped the local businesses and ecommerce companies to an unimaginable extent.

Since 51% of the Irish customers shop online and as much as 45% of the people in the Ireland use search engine (Google) to buy online, therefore, it is the right time for Google to launch its shopping platform in Ireland.

Besides, it is the right time for the local ecommerce companies to start using Google Shopping to give a nice push to their sales and to get a competitive edge on their competitors. The earlier you switch to Google Shopping, better it is for your company.

Google Shopping features and benefits for Irish ecommerce companies

google shopping features

The first question that a business might ask, is how is this Google Shopping thing better than the traditional ads and why should I have to invest money on these product ads?

Sounds like a reasonable question.

Let’s quickly review the basic features and benefits of Google Shopping and product listings.

  • Instead of showing simple text ads, rich media ads are displayed in the search results. The actual product with its image, price, and other relevant information is displayed in the search results. This increases CTR and helps drive more visitors.
  • There are multiple pricing options to choose from ranging from CPC to CPA and others. This gives vendors a whole lot of options to adjust their bidding strategy as per their business goals.
  • You can prioritise certain products in Google search results. Now this is a great way to increase sales and impressions of a particular product that you think is better than your competitor offerings.
  • Tracking and reporting each product at SKU level is possible. It gives you access to deep analytics as to how individual products are performing in the search results.
  • These product listings are extremely targeted in terms of geographical location, price, product type, etc.
  • The visitors land on the product page instead of the homepage of your store. This helps with increasing conversions. Anyone who clicks the product is already in the buying mode.
  • The merchants have full control on pretty much everything ranging from bidding to reporting to tweaking. When you are in control, you can tweak your campaigns easily based on the results and analytics.

How Google Shopping works

If these features look compelling and you are planning to get started right away, here is what you have to do.

  1. Create a Google Merchant account by clicking here.
  2. Create a Google AdWords account by clicking here.
  3. Once you are done, the next step is linking your Merchant account with the AdWords account. Here is a complete guide on how to do it.
  4. Now is the time to add products via APIs. This is a little bit technical so you might have to get an expert do this for you. However, Google has a complete beginner’s guide in case if you wish to do it yourself.
  5. Finally, you have to create your ad campaigns in AdWords. This is the fun part. If you haven’t used AdWords, this guide will help you get started.

I know I have summarised this into five neat points above, but it should be noted that this is really quite a complex process. Managing a Google AdWords campaign by itself (properly)  can be challenging, and these new features for Google shopping is adding another layer of complexity to the process. I am not trying to put you off the idea of running a Google shopping campaign, but I am strongly advising you get expert help in setting up this type of campaign. There is a bit of work to do, but it will be worth the effort!

How Google Shopping will impact your business

google shopping impact

First, not every business in Ireland will be affected by the launch. Only ecommerce businesses that sell products online will be affected.

Not only ecommerce stores that will use Google Shopping will be affected but the ones that will not use it will also be affected.

If you have an ecommerce store and you plan not to use Google Shopping, fine. One of your competitors uses it (assume). The sales of your competitor will increase significantly while your sales will decline since you are not reaching your target audience the way your competitor is.

So every single ecommerce store in Ireland will be affected. The ones that do not switch to Google Shopping will be affected more than the ones that will.

Overall, the industry will grow and the number of ecommerce stores and the online shoppers will increase rapidly in the coming years.

Meanwhile, the competition will get stronger.

It is time to rethink and redefine the marketing strategy of your ecommerce business to get the most from Google Shopping beta.