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June 01, 2018

Shopify is one of the worlds leading platforms to build an online store, for businesses that want to sell their products online. They also offer a free Point Of Sale (POS) feature for businesses that sell offline, or in person, which acts as a regular till system. Traditionally this POS only catered to businesses with one store, or one location, but they are just about to release an upgraded version that will cater to businesses with more than one location, in July 2018!

Shopify Online Store

What is Shopify?

If you have a business that is currently selling products online, or aspire to selling your products online, then you have no doubt already come across Shopify. This platform allows businesses to build and manage an online store without any coding skills, and a minimal amount of computer skills. Shopify is built for entrepreneurs and business owners, so they make it super easy to manage & update your online store, without having to constantly pay a professional web developer. Processing online orders is a breeze with both their mobile app and web portal. My personal favourite feature about Shopify is, you know you will always be up to date with any new technology that pops up. Shopify are always at the cutting edge, and make integration easy with any new or existing apps like, MailChimp, Facebook and Google, to name but a few.


New POS Locations Feature

All Shopify users that have an online store will have access to the Free Point Of Sale (POS) feature, which acts like a regular till system, for businesses that have a normal bricks-and-mortar store (offline store) also. Traditionally this feature only catered to businesses with one location, making it unviable for businesses with more than one store to manage their stock levels using Shopify.

Shopify Point of Sale

At their annual partner & developer conference (Shopify Unite) Shopify announced a feature upgrade to their POS System that will allow for Multi Locations. So now businesses with more than one location can accurately manage stock levels across their different stores. This means businesses that businesses who previously disregarded Shopify for their online store because integrating their existing POS system with Shopify was either too complicated or not feasible, can now reassess taking advantage of the opportunities Shopify offer. This feature will be available to all Shopify Merchants in July 2018.


Cost Savings & Gain Efficiencies

Most businesses will have multiple systems to manage their stock levels, POS System and Online Store. The cost to maintain all these systems can be quite expensive, and keeping them all synchronised can be complicated and inefficient. Shopify can now offer a solution to this problem by managing all of these from one place, saving your business time, money & generating efficiencies.

shopify POS

Plan Your System Migration

Before you jump into changing all the systems for your business a little planning will go a long way. Some simple points to consider are:

1. Asses the features you are getting from your existing systems

2. ID features you feel you are missing from your existing system

3. Outline the benefits of having all systems in one platform

4. Make sure your new system will meet all your business requirements (all the critical ones at the bare minimum)

5. Plan your migration to ensure minimal disruption to your business and customers


So if you are a business that is selling your products online (or is aspiring to selling online), then consider using Shopify for your Online Store. Their new Locations feature will mean you can accurately manage stock levels across multiple locations using the Shopify POS. Having all your systems in one place will save your business money & generate efficiencies, giving you an edge over your competition & allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Finally, if this sounds like your business, then you are probably eligible for the Online Trading Voucher, which is a grant from the Local Enterprise Board, where your business can get up to €2500 towards a new web site, or digital marketing campaign – you can read more about that here in my previous article.


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