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Web Design

Web Design is not just about looking good, it is about function! Your Web Site should have a purpose and should be working towards your business goals. Every web site should have one Primary Goal. This is usually one of two things:

  1. Online Sale: Someone makes a purchase on your web site.
  2. Lead Generation: Your web site encourages customers to call, email or complete a web form.

At Social Search we design our web sites to score the most amount of Goals possible, for your business.

Good -V- Bad Design

A poorly designed web site is like having a grumpy sales assistant working in your store – they are not going to make the customer journey any easier. A well designed web site, on the other hand, is going to make the customer journey simple, and it will make it easy for them to score Goals.

A web site from Social Search, is like having a happy & well trained sales assistant working for your business!

Finally, if your web site is not designed around mobile devices, then it simply isn’t good enough….harsh I know….but it’s true 🙁

Web Design

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Customer Reviews

Niall from Social Search continues to manage the digital marketing strategy for our company. Everything from our Content Strategy, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and Video creation for our YouTube Channel. This has allowed our company to not only survive through a recession, but to actually achieve growth, year on year. Social Search are a great company to work with – Highly Recommended!

Ann Robinson, www.GoldenSpiderweb.ie

I would highly recommand Niall as a highly competent, honest and efficient operator. His assistance and ongoing support is invaluable to us.

David Fitzgerald , Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic

Thank you so much to Social Search! The subtle changes in emphasis and presentation of my website have had staggering results. I am constantly receiving compliments for the quality and professionalism of my short snappy and so appropriate videos. The Google Ads you pinpointed for me have paid rich dividends! So, so grateful Niall!!

Sean O'Rourke, www.SeanPatrickTours.com

Niall was an excellent source of expert knowledge for Pure Composites planning its online presence and marketing. His ability to not only point you in the right but to educate you on the how and why is something that adds great value to his work. Much appreciated Niall!

Jim Kehoe, www.PureComposites.ie

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