What’s So Great About ReMarketing?

February 27, 2015

What exactly is ReMarketing? How does it work? Should I be using it in my business?

Put simply, ReMarketing allows you to show ads to people that have already been on your web site. Why is this so good? Because you are no longer talking to a “Cold” audience! These are people that already have some level of awareness about your product or service, and will be much more likely to respond favourably to your ads.

Google ReMarketing

Google ReMarketing

How Does It Work?

Google has just made this whole process much easier, with a recent update to their Google Analytics platform. All you need it a Google Analytics account, and make sure it is linked to your Google AdWords account, accept a few T&C’s, and you’re good to go! Once you have this set up in place, Google will begin dropping “cookies” onto the computer (desktop, phone, tablet) of anyone that visits your site. This “cookie” will collect browsing information on those people, and allow you to use that information later for your ReMarketing Campaign.


Get to the point…..What’s so Great About it? 

So you are set up, and collecting all this browsing information on your web site visitors, after a month or two you will have a significant amount of data that you can use for your ReMarketing Campaign. When designing your ReMarketing campaign you will begin by looking at the audience that you have built up (AKA your ReMarketing List), and you will begin segmenting this list. Some of the criterial that you can use to segment your list are:

  • Pages Visited
  • Goals Completed
  • Time on Site
  • Number of days since last visit

This is where the fun starts, and to illustrate I will use the example of a Physiotherapy Clinic in Dublin, that is looking to increase bookings for Physio services through their web site. We will take 3 different scenarios to give you a good flavour of what you can do….

1) All Visitors

This Physio company wants to offer a €20 Discount for any new bookings made through their web site, and they target this ad at all of the people who have visited their web site in the last 60 days. This is a relatively ‘warm’ audience, as they have already visited the web site, will be familiar with their services, and therefor more likely to make a booking online.

2) Specific Page

Maybe this Physio company notices that a large portion of the visitors to their web site, visit the pages relating to “lower back pain”. These visitors are showing an interest in a very specific service, and are more than likely suffering with pain in their lower back. This time the Physio company decides to target only this portion of the audience, with an offer relating specifically to services for lower back pain e.g Suffering with Lower Back Pain? Get €20 Off Your First Consultation. Book Online Now!

3) Exclusion List

So these campaigns have been going well, online bookings are up, and the Physio company wants to continue the offer. However, as this offer only applies to new bookings, they do not want to continue showing this ad to people that have already made a booking online. This time they will continue to show the same ad, to all those visitors that have visited the pages relating to lower back pain, but will exclude any visitor that has already made a booking online (i.e. completed a goal). This makes for a highly targeted campaign, that is getting the ad in front of people that are most like to make a booking, which will increase their Return On Investment, while excluding that portion that do not qualify for the offer, allowing them to minimise waste on their ad spend.


What do the ads look like & where will they show?

Running these campaigns with Google you have the option of using:

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads

The text ads can appear in Search Results when your customer searches for keywords relating to your product or service, or on other web pages that you feel might be relevant to your product or service.

Text Ads ReMarketing

Text Ads ReMarketing


The image ads can also show on any web site across Google Display Network, or you can narrow this down to only the web sites that have some correlation to your product or service.

Image Ads ReMarketing

Image Ads ReMarketing

The video ads will also show on any web site across the Google Display Network, and will play from within the web page.

Video Ads ReMarketing

Video Ads ReMarketing


What About Facebook & Twitter?

Yes of course your customers are not just visiting other web sites while online, a huge portion of time is spent on social networks, Facebook & Twitter being the top two. This is another great opportunity to get your ads in front of those people that have already been to your site. Perfect Audience and Ad Roll are two companies that provide exactly this type of service. It does require an additional piece of code to be placed on your site, but worth it to get your ads displaying in your customers Newsfeed….a real attention grabber!

Facebook Newsfeed ReMarketing

Facebook Newsfeed ReMarketing


So if you want to see how a ReMarketing campaign could work for your business, then we’d love to hear from you. Simply leave your details below and someone will call you back, or if you can call us now on (01) 4433660.

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂


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